The All New ADP Workforce

Reimagining the Way We Work

We’ve combined a world-class user experience with powerful features that elevate your ability to find and activate your talent in Canada and the US.

Sophisticated User Experience

Find just what you’re looking for with beautiful dashboards that work for you.

ADP Workforce Now Mobile Screenshot

In-the-know, on-the-go

Help your employees help themselves, and you. Employees can serve themselves anywhere.

ADP Workforce Now Cross Border

All employees housed in one system

Bring your HR together with a single, open system—no integration necessary.

ADP Workforce Now Artificial Intelligence

Smart, secure, and fast

Accelerate your recruiting efforts—spend less time and find better talent with Artificial Intelligence.

ADP Workforce Now Talent Activation & Development Screenshot

Activate and develop

This is the way for you to engage and empower your people.

ADP Workforce Now® Advantages

Improving HR

Streamlined and guided process available for all your HR needs.

Talent Activation

Easily identify, attract, and hire top talent.

Smart Payroll

Allows you to run off cycle payrolls without impacting regular payroll cycles.

Single Database

Seamless look and feel, whether you are completing a task for an employee in Canada or the US.

Reporting Insights

Easy access to contextualize data that helps you make better business decisions.

ADP Marketplace

Expand your business on both sides of the border with integrated partners.

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